About Here Comes Baby Boutique

About Here Comes Baby Boutique


Our Story:



Our story began out of pure baby inspiration when we found out we were expecting. We decided we wanted what was best for our child outside of the mass produced options given by our competitors. From maternity to nursing we want to bring you the stylish, comfortable, clothing that we are sure you will love. We also want to bring you the very best in furniture, cribs, dressers, Décor and more. Not to mention our on the go stuff that is sure to please just about anyone such as luxury diaper bags, diaper bags, and even diaper bags just for dad! We offer mostly Organic and American made, and by all means connecting the hard to find with the people that need these unique items for their children. Our beliefs are simple: it is all for the children. Invest now and the future will be brighter for all, and being informed as we all take these first wonderful steps with our new babies. Our founders have very unique stories behind themselves as well.


Who is Here Comes Baby Boutique?


We are a small town mom and pop shop that is online for now, but we are hoping to go into our main goal and that is our own shop in a local (NW Suburbs of Chicago) shopping center near you (still offering services across the U.S.). Our goal is to create and have a shop that will cater to Parents-To-Be, Families, Moms, Dads, Aunts and Uncle, etc...  With young children in mind. One of our passions is to donate whatever and whenever we can to charitable organizations that help out less fortunate children and parents that need that little helping hand along the way. We donate a portion of any of our proceeds to these foundations, because as we said if we invest now, there will be a brighter future for all.


A little about us:



Michael: Co-owner:

Is a first time father at the age of 42. He had always hoped to be a father one day, but never had the chance due to career, pursuit of education, and …. He and his wonderful wife were together for a quite few years before they had thought of a child. Michael and his wife tried for a very long time until they had figured that it was left in God’s hands.  One night in the middle of the night, he woke from a wonderful dream of having a child and he prayed, begging and pleading, for a chance to feel the joys of being a father. Michael even put pen in hand and wrote Santa (true story!!). He asked for a child. Not a boy or a girl, just a child to have and hold. Then it happened one year to the day that he wrote a letter to Santa. Michael’s wishes were granted and if you ask him now if he believes in God or Santa he will tell you without a doubt he does. His inspiration from his child grew and went further than just his family, he thought to extend it to other families by bringing the very best that he could to people all across America. Cribs and furniture is where his love and passion is and he went through many hard to find vendors to search out the very best as he did for his own child.


Stephanie: Co-Owner:  

First time mom and business owner. When Stephanie found out that she was expecting she immediately turned her attentions to living and growing organic for her baby to be. She states that her whole world is set around her child and husband and makes it important to keep them chemical free and as healthy as can be. She states that crafting, décor, maternity, and furnishings have been her hobbies since the wonderful news of her baby girl. She shares the same passion for finely made heirloom quality furniture with her husband Michael and wanted to bring her joys of these things to others as well. She also shares her husband’s goal and that is to open a maternity to toddler store in a location nearest to home and offering the same products and more to her neighbors. She is a mom on the go and is always watching for new and exciting things to add to Here Comes Baby Boutique


Nicole: Sales Consultant:

Hi my name is Nicole. As a mother of two boys I take great concern in the quality of the products that I use for my family, from furniture to the clothing that they wear. At Here Comes Baby Boutique I have found just that and that is why I am proud to be a part of this family owned company. I have known the owners just over a 10 years. With my 15 years of experience in the customer service realm and child care as a full time single mom, we thought it was a great fit to be a part of this small company. As a sales consultant I will strive to insure that your products arrive to you safely and on time and that you receive the best customer service possible. If someone were to ask me "Why HCBB?” I would have to tell them it is the ability to be a part of a company that supplies mostly American and organic made products. From the craftsmanship of the furniture we sell, to the quality of the clothing we are proud to offer. I care greatly about what my children wear and what they eat and that is why I became an organic mom that is proud to represent Here Comes Baby Boutique


 Ashley: Sales Consultant:

Ashley is a wonderfully loyal, lifelong friend of co-owner Stephanie and has been a key supporter since the dawn of the idea for Here Comes Baby Boutique. Ashely has always been someone who strives to make people happy, whether it is her family at home or to the people she is giving care to on her job. When Ashley found out that Michael and Stephanie were opening a baby product store and spreading the love that they give to their own child, she was completely on board. Ashley being a mother herself, she knows how much a baby can need and what and when to expect it. She went to work right away helping out picking maternity goods, bedding, and other products to help Here Comes Baby Boutique grow. Ashley loves the idea of being able to offer homegrown American made products and has complete faith in the products that Here comes Baby Boutique has to offer.


More Bio's to come...