5 Tips for First Time Dads

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Top Tips for the new Daddy


Let’s face it, none of us are born parents, we learn on the job and from our own upbringing.  And when we are introduced our new baby for the first time, there are fears and doubts that creep into our brains.  Here Comes Baby Boutique has compiled 5 tips that every new father needs to know to help alleviate some of the misconceptions and fears. 


Crying Babies

One of the more difficult things a new Dad has to endure is a crying infant.  We are programmed to respond to a crying baby, and babies cry a lot in the first year. Of course, this is also the time when it's all new to you and it's easy to panic, or worry that you're doing something wrong.  The main reasons babies cry are:

  • Hunger
  • Tired
  • Uncomfortable (check the diaper)

Checking each one of these first will usually lead to the reason for crying and once you’ve handled the situation your baby will be content once again. 


Change as many diapers as possible.

Probably not top on your list, but somebody's gotta do it and do it over and over again!   Regardless of how Mommy delivered the baby, her body will need time to recover. Changing diapers is one of the few responsibilities new Dads can take on with little to no training allowing your partner a break from the responsibility of the constant care that newborns require.


Call the experts when necessary.

If you have a medical question about your baby, call your pediatrician, but don't panic. WebMD.com reminds us that babies are sturdier than they look and not every sniffle is life threatening.


Follow your Instincts when it comes to your child.

Listen to the advice of others, read about parenting, consult the experts, but consider yourself the authority on your child. Follow your instincts and intuition.  No one will know your baby as well as you and your partner do.


Make time for the other relationships in your life.

The Bump.com recommends that it is important for your child to know there's more to the world than you catering to their every need.  You also want to be teaching them a very important lesson about what it means to have a full, loving life. Seeing you in the role of good friend or devoted spouse is a way for your kids to learn what it means to actually be a good friend or devoted spouse.


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