5 Tips for Keeping Fit While Pregnant

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Top Tips for a fit Pregnancy



Here at Here Comes Baby Boutique we know it’s tough to follow an exercise routine when you’re pregnant.  We have always been very envious of women that can continue their regimen while battling morning sickness and swollen ankles.   So we’ve put together our top 5 tips for keeping fit while you’re pregnant. 


Benefits of Staying Active


According to Fitness Magazine, exercise during pregnancy has many benefits including:

  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Reduced Bloating and Swelling
  • Decreased risk of gestational diabetes & long-term obesity


So while exercise during pregnancy is important, the real question becomes what’s the best type and just how strenuous should you work out.   Always check with your health care provider before beginning any type of exercise program while pregnant and follow your doctors’ recommendations. 



Choose the right Exercise.

If you didn’t do it before you became pregnant now is not the time to start.  Choose low impact, low risk, non-contact sports such as yoga, swimming, biking and low-impact aerobics.    WebMD offers a fitness sideshow with more ideas for a healthy pregnancy and post pregnancy workout.




Stay Hydrated.

Hydrations is always an important part of exercising, but staying well hydrated while pregnant is essential as you need enough hydration for both you and the baby.  Monitor your temperature as you work out because overheating can cause exhaustion and lead to many other problems.  Wear breathable clothing and try to exercise in an air-conditioned room or if outdoors in the morning or evening hours. 




Follow your Instincts.

Listen to your body.  Only you know your own body and the signals it gives when it’s overworked or overheated.  If it doesn’t feel right, Stop!  Try again at another time, or check with your trainer or physician to be sure you are doing the exercise correctly.  You may find that a particular work out just won’t work for your changing body. 


Warm Up and Cool Down.

Warming up correctly prepares your muscles and joints for the workout ahead and increases your heart rate slowly, not sharply.   Leaping into strenuous activity before your body is ready could strain your muscles and ligaments, leading to post-workout aches and pains.    The same hold true for ending the work out, cool down gently to avoid injury. 


You can stay active while pregnant, just check with your health care provider, choose your activity wisely and follow our tips for an active pregnancy.


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08/04/2016, 01:59:23 PM, thesaltytrail.com

This is great information. My step-mom used to do aerobics all the time (1980s). When she was pregnant with my younger brother, she continued her exercising. He's a pretty strong guy today. As long as it's nothing that would cause damage to either the mom or the baby, exercising all throughout is totally encouraged and a great benefit to them both!

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