5 Essentials for New Baby

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New Baby?  Here’s 5 essentials that you’ll need!


You’re pregnant with your first baby, once the excitement wears off a little, the preparations for the arrival begin.  But what exactly will you need?   For new parents the question can be daunting.  Here Comes Baby Boutique has put together a top 5 list of must-haves essentials for all brand new parents.


  1. Crib or Cradle.  Newborns typically sleep 16-17 hours per day, so they will need a comfortable and safe place to rest.  Most newborns will only sleep 2-3 hours at a time and it’s good to know that The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that babies sleep in the same room as their parents (although not in the same bed), because it's thought to reduce the risk of SIDS.   So place the cradle or crib in your own room for the first few months. 


  1. Clothing.  Babies are messy!  They spit up, whether breast or bottle feeding, plus they tend to leak through their diapers.  So plan to change your newborn many times throughout the day.  Having a variety of onsies in different colors and styles will certainly make it easy! 



  1. Baby Carrier.    Using a baby carrier to carry your new baby close to your body frees up your hands for other things while keeping baby close to you.     Parenting Magazine recommends infants who can't support their head should face inward and need a sturdy support flap on the back of the carrier.  Plus openings should be large enough to let legs kick freely but snug enough that your baby can't slump downward or to one side.


  1. Diapers.  Whether you’re using disposables or cloth, be sure to have plenty of diapers on hand.  You’ll be changing your baby many, many times throughout the day.   A sturdy diaper bag is ideal for when you and baby are on the go. 
  1. Car Seat.    The law requires that children under age 4 must be properly secured in a child restraint system in the rear seat, if possible.  Be sure to choose and purchase a car seat that meets the minimum requirements and keep your precious cargo safe.


There are many other essentials that you’ll need to consider before the baby arrives, but remember the first and most important essential for your newborn is love!


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